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And none of you laughed when you saw him overboard? Why?


There were only the three of them on the small drift boat: the nice guy, the fishing guide and the jerk. The fishing guide knew better than to laugh as it could mean his job, or at least a boatload, if you'll excuse the pun, of trouble. The nice guy didn't laugh until later, when he told us the story. We laughed our asses off.


[this is good] I hate those people. But I tell myself that every time I come in contact with one of them it reminds me how much I don't want to be one of those people, so instead of getting angry at the asshole, I just try to ignore them. Glad this one didn't manage to completely ruin the trip for everyone else that was along!

Kapolnek Family

ick, I hate to deal with these jerks. But I am the same way... I always thank goodness I am not that person, because undoubtedly, they are living a very isolated and crappy life.

Kevin G.

[this is good]


Ignoring is them is the best tactic, I agree. What they really want is attention and to get their way, by ignoring them you deny both.


this guy creates his own loneliness. he won't even sit with his wife on the plane.

Kapolnek Family

Yes, that is my point. They are so miserable, they can barely stand themselves. On the plane, he probably acts like a jerk to the person next to him, wants too many drinks (but doesn't want to pay), becomes belligerent when the air isn't just right, or the seat belt sign is on too long, or someone is in the John too long....he is miserable. His wife probably doesn't want to be seen with such an ass. UCK.


You are so right, except that his wife is an ass too. At dinner on the ship IN CHILE she said "Is this Chilean sea bass? The Chilean sea bass we get in San Francisco is much fresher than this!"
Cue: mass eye-rolling

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