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Thankfully, the really bad thing has not happened to my daughter yet. But at least here, right now, she can get an abortion. She has to get two doctors to agree she needs it, and has a time limit of 20 weeks to deal with it, so if she put if off because she was scared, she might just be fucked in more ways than one.

The hardest part is actually teaching boys who become men that women do not, contrary to popular culture, exist for their use only.


[this is good]

Mind if I share it on Google+?


Hi Liiliales, it's nice to see you again. I don't mind if you share, I'm glad you think it's worth sharing.


Beautifully articulated, as usual! This is a very scary trend. I just learned from my OBGYN neighbor that she cannot perform a tubal ligation after delivery at our major hospital here because it was recently bought by a Catholic hospital (St Joseph)who banns this procedure! WTF??? This is the same, modern, Level 3 trauma center that mom stayed at while she was here. I am dumfounded.


So powerful. You give such a beautiful, direct voice to a lot of what has clouded my own heart lately. And Bookmole has a good point, too. I am raising one of each and I want them both to respect themselves, respect those they are with, and make wise choices. But, I also want them to be able to make the hard choice that is best for them if the situation ever calls for it.


It is coincidence that I read this post now. If you think banning abortion is bad, what do you say to banning "morning after" pills?

You can be a responsible adult with a single partner and have protected sex. But sometimes accidents happen, condom breaks and whatever.

The "emergency contraceptive pill" is banned in the state (in India) that I live in. Apparently the Government finds it, for some reason, sensible to deny responsible adult individuals the right to safeguard themselves from pregnancy resulting from unexpected accidents, or even rape.

I am still seething..and not to mention, worried as hell about possible unwanted pregnancy.


@L: Personally I think the morning after pill is a gift from science. At that stage one is dealing with a couple of cells, there is no heartbeat, no sense of viability in any sence of the word. To ban it is an outrage.

I don't what, if anything, you are going through my friend. But you have my heart with you.


Great article. You've certainly given voice to many of the issues that I've been thinking about in this election.

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