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Great post.

I feel very similarly about the first start-up that I worked for. It has become the yardstick against which all other work experiences are judged. And no, we didn't create a thing of value.

I've been at it again for the past couple of years -- and maybe because I'm a founder and not a joiner, or maybe it's just the time or the fact that I'm older -- it's still fun, but it's not the same.

Or maybe it's because we don't have a jacuzzi.



Staging a rebellion in an international sales meeting so we could go check out a solar eclipse from the parking lot. Internal squabbles that got participants sent to marriage counseling. Paintball that left bruises for weeks. Random sightings of Bill Gates, Esther Dyson and...Fran Tarkenton? And what do I do with a stock option?


Wow, Karen, thanks for the memories! I also enjoyed your mentor posts - it is fun to remember the folks you describe. Those were excellent times, even without successful endings.

Town Mouse

What a wonderful post!

(But let's remember not all of the smarty-pants Ph.Ds had long beards because quite a few of them were female ;->)


I object. I *did* have a bathing suit on. Really. And the purple panties that I left at a party, really, was because I changed into a bathing suit. What about the umpteen Ph.Ds in the Training department, and the writers who went on to Google and NeXT and Palm. The virtual couch in the Training lounge, replete with virtual view, virtual vase & flowers, virtual side table and chair. And the paper airplanes across the lobby from the mezzanine, and the Elvis impersonator ...

Rajiv (Clyde :-))

Loved the video montages at the meetings ('s Ron), the 101 highway sign for "Bailey Ave" that showed up one day on the 3rd floor and the "KEE Rappa" video that KevinL, MRomero and DougK made for our little band that was nurturing KEE while the company made a hard left towards KAPPA ("I'm the KEE Rappa and I'm here to say, KEE ain't dead - no f_g way...). Would love to see an archive some of this stuff someplace - can help to set it up.

The people, hijinks and the technology have been high water-marks for me over a 25 year career. I was lucky enough to work with the umpteen PhD ladies of the Training/Writing team who took me under their wing (thanks Sharon!)and later in Engineering - much gratitude owed to the many folks who kindly directed some of my youthful energy in productive directions.

Thank you Karen for the lovely writing and bringing back these memories. I still have my pocket protector in my desk drawer.

karen c.

@townmouse - you are very right, of course. you were all a bunch of smarty pants - the best I ever met. AND, although female, quite a few of you also needed haircuts. ;-)

karen c.

@sharon - You'll note, dearest smarty pants, that I didn't actually name names. there was no need to out yourself as one of the spa streakers.

ah, the paper airplanes. I really miss those.

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