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On a totally unrelated topic, which Typepad design is this? I like this font and rather hate the one on my page.

karen c.

Hey Lisa, this design is called "Minimalist"


I sort of agree with Xav -- that particular shark was already dead, and in that setting, it probably wasn't the place to take a stand.

The Beloved recently had that trouble on a business trip to Iceland and one of her hosts ordered whale. Her other hosts said that particular individual did it to provoke the Americans there. None of the other Icelanders ordered it. Interestingly, it seemed that everyone at the table came to the conclusion not to take the bait.

karen c.

I think it's great that the table resisted the bait, how strange that it was your Beloved's host who tried to set the trap.

There is a time and place for everything, some people understand that better than others.

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