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I wonder how that 17% number has changed since WWII -- if someone had collected that data. Growing up in The Cold War and playing Missile Command, I had my worries about things -- but I don't think I ever wondered about the Second Coming.

Maybe I shouldn't have bought those green bananas. Eh -- I'll put 'em in a bag, they'll be okay by next week.

Margy Rydzynski

Wow, thanks for reminding me about the Tequila. Forgot all about that. Let's see...will I still need the 1950s nuclear bomb shelter? And bug spray. Hmmm, but spray. What if you're wrong about the cockroaches?


really? REALLY TYPE PAD? I wrote a very good post and you ATE IT?

I said (and will say AGAIN) that your post was beautifully written and HOPEFUL.

Floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes - you can see why chicken littles are crying the world is ending. But really, its just being a bully. The world needs a big time out, in it's room, no dinner, think about what it's done and promise to be better tomorrow.

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