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Margy Rydzynski

A quick inventory reminded me of what the pizza girl was looking at: too-big yoga pants, old fleece top, rain jacket, messed up, graying, unstyled hair, a lovely hacking asthma cough and no makeup. You are right, girlie. That woman you're looking at in the picture is not me.

Now that's a real woman, for sure. Happy International Womens Day!


For some reason this post makes me teary. Maybe because I am in the annual "Now what" stage as well...although it is a good six months away to the milestone.


Wow. Thanks for posting this. I really loved reading it, but am I the only one who wants to see the DMV photo? Any chance you'd post it?


Great post, as always. But you've made me realise that it's midday and I'm still in my pyjamas. Guess I should go and do something about that, eh?

She should really post the photo!

My response to your post is here. Thanks for the inspiration!

karen c.

I should have known that Lisa and Patty would demand proof! Posted.

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