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Yeah, I remember myself at that age. Pretty exhausting as I think back. I would never want to go back there, despite all the romanticism associated with the pre-teen/teen age.

Kitty Ireland

Everything seems so bottomless at that age... and perhaps at is. But at some point we get used to treading water.


*taking notes* Nothing, code for.... I can't wait to report back to headquarters on this one.

After having suffered through three daughters at that age, yeah. *sigh* It's a turbulent time, yet one of the greatest times of discovery in a young woman's life. A time of emotional upheaval and of finding out about ones true self. I hope you are wearing your seatbelt, you are in for a bumpy ride...

electric firefly

Wow, you've captured it perfectly. Good luck, though, on dealing with it.


I used to say that when AB was that age she could swing 7 years up or down in an instant. One moment she was 5 and the next 20. Blink and she was back to 13 again. Whatever that was.

The next few years are a roller coaster. Don't hang on too tight. Throw your hands up in the air, scream, laugh and enjoy the thrill that is the teen years!


Turbulent portrait powerfully rendered. Xoxo, hard-working, clear-sighted Maman.


Wow you just summed up my life with my 11 year old so poignantly. Except the part about me pulling my hair out.


Well said. It makes me feel both sad and glad that I don't live full time with our Twelve-going-on-thirteen-er.




I just love her...

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