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sarah t.

the tension running through your narrative here between what's actually happening in the wreck versus your interior monologue of what *might* be happening (other people's unaccountable and puzzling behavior) feels very real to me-- I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the older woman to make some AHA! demand or allegation-- but with soup and bedtime and car to the body shop, you've made a kind of anticlimax that feels like life. we are, so often, expecting things to turn out even worse than they might have done.


This was one reason I left LA. Too many people, too many cars, one too many accidents. It was the day I had my last accident there that I drove home, put a map of the US on the table and told my wife to pick a place, anywhere in the US not California and we would move there. And here we are, Missouri.

So glad to hear that no one was injured, but your comments about the older lady have me wondering, like yourself, just what was going on with her. I hope she is well also.


Well shite, sorry for your accident, but I loved the way the tale unfolded towards me.

I adored that you chatted up the firemen about fly fishing. :D


Ok, not sure why my link didn't work (from my name to my blog I mean).

Meh, I miss catching up with you regularly. I need to make more effort. I'm so glad you posted on Vox Diaspora. :)


Oy! What a day. I'm so glad everyone made it out ok - cars are made to protect you and I'm glad yours did the trick. Accidents are always traumatic, no matter how small, but you handled yourself beautifully and I'm sure your kids took a lesson or two from your demeanor. I hope I'll be as calm and collected if (god forbid) I ever get involved in a similar situation with my own little ones.


What Sarah said. I can feel the tension in your writeup. Glad all of you are safe. One more thing to be grateful for, this Thanksgiving (or is it over already?).


@sarah - the funny thing for me is that i kept waiting for another shoe to drop and it never did. after the adrenaline wore off i was tired, bored and impatient for it all to be over. now i realize that if there is another shoe coming (i.e. a lawsuit or insurance shenanigans) it will take place weeks into the future. blech.


@kzinti- i can't believe you can say the words "the day I had my last accident." the idea of multiple accident events might drive me out of my car, if not out of the area.


@littleoddme - I miss seeing you on vox. i hate this clicking around looking for people i care about. those who are typepad are easier to find, the rest are like seedlings cast to the wind. i'll keep posting to diaspora, it's not the same, but it is becoming a bit like the rosetta stone for finding people...


@lakshmi - it's not thanksgiving yet. we have another 10 days before that emotionally heavy holiday descends on us. and yes, i am grateful.

Margy Rydzynski

Ugh, that's awful! I'm so glad you and your kids weren't hurt. A car can be repaired. Of course, the real damage was to your nerves and your state of mind. I'm so sorry.

Flamingo dancer

Oh you poor thing, hope you have all settled down now.

Cassie Brendan

Good thing nothing serious happened to you and your kids, Karen. And I agree with Ross -- your calm manner in the middle of all the commotion was admirable. It's hard to not panic and get angry while in a car accident, right? But you were a good example to your kids, and that's commendable. Nobody really wishes for those things to happen, so regardless of whose fault it was, just be happy that you guys are unharmed. :)

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