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I have a few friends that are internet-phobic. They always ask: aren't you afraid that THEY will get what you post about? (I'm not sure who THEY are, but we assume that they are up to no good).

I tell them that I'm not worried because anything I post is fine with me if the whole world reads it and anything I don't want out there... guess what? I don't put it out there!


My kids sometimes say "don't blog that" when an event feels too embarrassing or personal and they suspect I will want to write about it. When they say that, I respect their wishes and don't post about whatever the "that" is.

The thing is, I don't talk any differently here than I do in real life, which means they wouldn't be the least bit surprised by my "thank goodness they're at school" comment, and neither would they take it the wrong way. (Well, Juliette might take it the wrong way, but she has no idea yet how to find my blog and I expect her already robust 7-year old sense of humor to be fully developed by the time she finds it.)


My kids already read my blog and understand why I put stuff out there. It's the Missus who has the hard time with it. *scratches head* Go figure...


Ah..I have such a love-hate relationship with the internet. Sometimes (esp. when I read about the fb incident you described) I just want to shut down the whole internet and go to sleep. But then, writing such as yours make me want to come back anyway.


I wasn't sure how to send you a private message and hence this comment. The comment is unrelated to the post.
I thought you'd find this story interesting:


I never gave things of this nature much thought until my friends starting talking about the issues they've been dealing with their kids and the online world. While things weren't anywhere near as instant as they are now when I joined the online world as a teen, I had this assumption that kids would be using it with the same sort of sense I knew most kids used it back then. But...having had to have discussions and talks with young members of my family and listening to the distress of friends who are's a far different world in a only a matter of years. Weren't they asking me for Barbie's and Hot Wheels?

I like the talk(s) you had with your daughters. This have given me something to discuss with my friends who are worried/stressed parents as they navigate these uncharted territories. While I am not a parent...I can appreciate how long it took for rumors to spreads when I was in high school...word of mouth and note passing took a lot longer than txting and sharing photos on a cell phone.

Nicholas Miele

While I agree everyone should protect themselves there are some out there who utilize a blog to express themselves "honestly," i.e. they speak openly about themselves, their experiences, emotions, etc. So where do you suppose they fit in?

karen c.

Nicholas, I try to be one of those people and I think they/we fit in just fine anywhere, as long as we understand and accept the possible ramifications of a public life.

At 12 years old I don't think my daughter is experienced enough or tough enough to be ready to have her words twisted publically in front of her and her friends. And yet I know that's what's going to happen because it's happened to all of us, even before the internet. the difference is that instead of a he-said she-said verbal scenario you're dealing with transcripts, both real and contrived.

it's tough enough for adults to deal with that kind of reality, i don't want my kids to learn that lesson by accident.

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