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Congratulations. Lovely advise. I am going to bookmark it and read it when I want reassurance that throwing a banana (we don't get avocados here) is part of the game.
Congratulations again. May you continue to blog until your golden anniversary, for a start.

Patty Mitchell



Beautifully said--with equal time in the trenches, I can vouch for its truth, too. And I only barfed a little bit.


Congratulations on your upcoming 25! This is a wonderfully-written post and a fantastic sentiment. I'm verging on the 7 year mark with my wife and see a lot of the same qualities in us that you've described - makes me happy for our future.

Oh, and I think I have the same issue with the suitcase as The Mister. I always put off packing until the last minute and take forever to unpack. The only thing I've found that helps is something similar to what you're doing - I have no problem taking everything out of my closet/drawers and putting it in piles on the bed - I just have issue with the packing of the suitcase. So I get everything staged, and then just put on a fast, upbeat tune that I sing along with and quickly/firmly pack everything away in the suitcase. Unpacking's even easier - I take the suitcase, unzip, and dump it out with abandon on the bed. Sure, everything's a mess and I have to refold anything that's clean, but for some strange reason I have no problem putting stuff away that's sitting on the bed - just stuff that's sitting in a suitcase!


Very lovely post. Been trying to find a few moments to reread it and so here I is.

Though it has been awhile since I've been a regular reader of other folk's posts (did I just say that?) I remember one of the things that first endeared me to you(rs). That shopping and cooking thing that you don't do and I don't either and how that isn't so odd, after all.
So true that there are so many little things that when put together add up--in your case to 25 years together so far. Sincere wishes for many more years of doing what works for you.



Beautiful! I read it with Nancy and I in mind. While we have a long way to go, I want to get there.


"He just happened to be in the city and remembered how much I liked it."


Good solution to the suitcase dilemma. For me, I think our marriage works so well because we (eventually) think laterally when we hit such an impasse.

*Hands Karen a basketful of avocadoes*


This is so beautiful. And with only half the time in you have, it still seems so true. Doing the little things to make the other person feel tended to, appreciated and loved go such a long way. And it's especially important when you're pouring so much of yourself into kids, jobs, etc., as you noted. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It made my rainy Sunday and has inspired me to do my good matrimonial deed of the day.


This is lovely. We talk a lot about appreciation. I think it is every bit as important as love. I think the little rituals are very nice also. They create a sense of belonging.

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