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Kittens seem to have the same fresh-bed attraction. Most times I can't get the top sheet onto the bed before one feline or another appropriates a parcel of real estate for the purpose of stealth attacks on ankles and such...

Is it the smell? Or is it the lack of smells? Whichever, the newly made bed is a place all its own. Just pass my meals under the door, I promise not to get food in the bed.

Air Force 1

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Why oh why, when clean sheets are sooooooooooo nice, is it such a pain to change them? Couldn't be without my fitted sheets, though - Husband is a 'this side, no this side' sleeper, and he would have no sheet under him by the end of the night. Or, worse, he might steal mine...

I think it can be called Your Bed (I call it My Bed, too) because it is US who change the sheets. Ownership through work.

The 'you wear it, you wash it' policy (a winner every time!) results in 2 children who have clean sheets every week, and two whose sheets are grey. However, all four of them like to use their floor to store their clothes...

And I charge them for any item of crockery/cutlery I find in their rooms, when I go looking. This has netted me enough for a bottle of wine, some weeks!

Margy Rydzynski

I hear the part about the appliance wear-down! My appliances die on the job. Who ever heard of replacing something that wasn't less than a thousand years old?


Happy Birthday (or is it mother's day?), or am I way off?
But yes. I know what you mean.
We don't have a washing machine (by choice, "simplify" being our motto, which sadly does not apply to computers of which we have two per person). It is a pain to wash and dry clothes during monsoon (like, NOW #$^@#%), but in summer, when you hand wash the bed linen with shampoo (yes the nice smelling kind you use on your hair), rinse it with HOT water, and dry it outside in what feels like 400 degrees heat, it comes back in crisp within an hour..oh bliss.
When will this darn monsoon end? I want crisp bed linen NOW.


LOL. I love the description of the dryer buzzer. I actually muted mine. I found a manual and took apart the control panel and silenced that nasty thing.

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