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Wonderful post. I can actually hear you thinking those thoughts.

Very good! I completely agree about "this is not a restaurant". I try to be of the "I'll try anything once" camp. Sweetbreads? Yes. Menudo? ok. Kangaroo? Yum. Haggis? No.

On Sunday, we were over to friends' for dinner and he produced a product that a friend had brought back for him from the World Cup. A black and white striped can of zebra-pate'. It was left in the can.

Sarah T.

As ever, your writing, and your delightfully human perspective, makes me laugh and feel warm and homey in the best ways.



Tell The Mister, for me, that he is right on time!


I say I am willing to try just about anything, but in spite of that, there are certain things that make my stomach knot up in anticipation and I don't know if I could actually go through with it. Snails and octopus tentacles fall in this category. Tongue would be borderline, I think.

Good for you for trying it, though!


I do eat almost anything that someone else cooks for me. These days, I have to - my kids are doing the cooking 5 days a week, so I have to Make Nice or they may never cook again!

So, I guess you did like the tongue? You said it was good...

I actually really like tongue, but only as a pressed cold meat - I have never tried it fresh.

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