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Country Cinderella

There are some folks from vox trying out, they seem to like it because it has many privacy settings similar to Vox.

There are also many people choosing to go to wordpress. It does not have the ability to create a friend list and thus 'friend only' posts, but it does have the ability to have a private blog that you can give certain people the password to see (the free version only allows 35 'allowed' readers, for unlimited there is a fee). Or you can just make certain posts private, for those you would also have to give a password to the people you want to allow to read the post.


I've decamped to WordPress too. I don't mind that all my posts are public. I very rarely had 'hood only posts anyway. I grabbed your RSS feed, so shall keep up with you that way.

You have to keep blogging - how else will I know what swan tastes like?

Margy Rydzynski

I'm surprised that TypePad doesn't have a feature allowing your posts to be marked public or private. I've never tried Live Cloud, but you might have a look at it. I'm on WordPress myself. My blog is public, but I have separate - private - blogs that are just for me. Maybe something like that would work?

Impossibly Absurd

I had so many "hidden" posts on Vox - private posts for my own therapeutic benefit and as a sort of time capsule - that on Typepad I've had to shut the whole thing down with a password. It doesn't seem very neighborly of me to read everyone else's blog without allowing them to read mine, but I haven't figured out another solution ... yet.


The thing I miss most about Vox is the ability to post to "friends" and/or "neigborhood" only. This allowed me to express myself in what felt like relative safety because my posts weren't visible to the whole world. At least 50% of my posts were protected in this way - visible only to friends and neighbors.

But I don't want to hide every post from everyone; I'm not using this blog as a personal diary. Honestly I don't like the idea of passwords, it makes everything complicated. That was the beauty of Vox, it did a complicated thing in a pretty simple way. And that simple thing gave me relative privacy. That's what I will miss.


Sadly, this seems to becoming the norm on a number of blog sites. I too miss having the ability to control the privacy level of entries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the transition won't be too painful and that like you, I can become comfortable with the notion of living inside glass walls without breaking too many windows. :)


You speak my mind Karen.

Patty Mitchell

Livejournal as all the privacy controls of Vox, more even. And it has the ability to have Groups whose posts actually show up on your "friends/neighobrhood" page. I'm just saying.


Karen: you have summed up beautifully so many of my frustrated sentiments regarding TypePad.

Country C: I haven't checked out the LiveCloud community yet. What's it like?

Patty: I was a LiveJournal émigré. I will concur what you've said, but... the community is NOT to my taste. I did not delete my LJ blog but I did go back, and I was quickly reminded why I had left.

One of the biggest reminders: fangirl squick. If you have no idea, well, a webcomic I was starting to like decided to address the topic of homoerotic fantasy involving superheroes. (Is your OMG TMFI light turning on yet?) Yes, fangirls can do just as many squicky things as the fanboys.

Skoolie/"The Libster" has called LiveJournal the toilet of the Internet, and in a number of ways... I so agree. Granted, it's not dangling out there as bad as Facebook, but it's there... and has its own stomach-churning spin.


Patty: I have a LiveJournal account but honestly, as Jaklumen points out, this is not my community. I feel like I'm a thousand years old there. I'm not ready to be a thousand years old yet.

I still like hip hop music.


I created a 2nd blog here so if I feel like being private I will, and then won't have qualms about making that one password-protected. For me, it's no different doing that than letting just the Vox neighborhood know my real name.

But I have different concerns, it seems, than everyone else. For me, using Vox was like "going down the pub." I have been missing that tremendously since many of my friends started abandoning it a year ago. However, what I say in the pub or online is carefully controlled, even when it seems like it isn't. My image is constructed a certain way for public consumption. In my most private moments, I'm not logging on to share, at all. I still write on paper if I have that need!

Flamingo dancer

I don't think blogs need themes - unless you want to make a living from it. Blogs are your personal page - do whatever the day requires I say! Enjoy!

Account Deleted

Hi Karen,

I don't want to weird you out so I'm telling you who I am in case you remember me from Vox.
I'm Cyn. I "left" Vox long ago and I really do miss a number of people. Yes, we were a true community and I too, wish some of the privacy features were here but then I may not have stumbled across you just now!

You are such a lovely lady--your words often going straight to the heart as I imagine that is where they originate. Despite my lack of a truly personal blog I just "followed" you here on TypePad.

It's quite possible if I run into a few more ex-Voxers that I'll open up more. I so admire your fearlessness in doing so.

Welcome to TypePad. It's been my online home since 2003.


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