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Little Odd Me

[this is wonderful] :D

Steve Betz

[this is good] Great post.


[this is good] My eyes welled up at this post. I am glad I read it. Thank you.


[this is good] That's a really nice post. In many ways, I think that taking care of someone when they're unable to take care of themselves is the deepest form of love one human can show another.

Nancy Mitchell

[this is good] What a nice post. You're a nice granddaughter and it sounds like you both had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.


[this is good]

Kapolnek Family

I just love you both so much! :)


[this is good] lovely.


[this is good] This is beautiful. You know doll? I think you should write my "autobiography". Anything you pen, I'd love. Accuracy be damned. Go ahead, I'll wait.


[this is good] I agree with Barry.


[this is good] xoxox


so sweet.


Thanks kids, you knowit makes methrow up a little when you call me "sweet" and "nice" but I do appreciate the positive feedback.
I'm not particularly sweet or nice. I'm just a woman who, rather late in the game is finally learning to recognize and appreciate important moments in mylife.


Be careful what you wish for...


[this is good] What a great day. (But oh how the world hates a wheelchair. The aisles in stores so narrow. Stuff perched on shelves easily bumped with the chair. *sigh*)

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