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Little Odd Me

The Kid (who's twelve) and I were sitting drawing on each other last week (as step-parents are wont to do, y'know), and I realized she'd shaved her legs. Now gosh, I'm not even her Mom, but I felt a twinge of "nooooo, too much too fast!" I can't imagine all of this. Phew.


[this is good] We just survived a week in DC. Mom and Dad were nearby but we had to sleep in a dorm with roommates and navigate all the new stuff. Reviews were mixed. But I see that gleam in the eye for "more."

They're both gorgeous by the way. Just like their Mama.


[this is good] Save this post for posterity. Show it to her when she has a kid of her own.

electric firefly

While you may not be ready, good for you for letting her go. Too many people keep their kids under wraps with the excuse that the kids aren't ready, when really it's the parents. She'll get a chance to spread her wings a bit and she will undoubtedly have an amazing summer, all because of you and that foot on the accelerator. I wish someone had done that for me.

Nancy Mitchell

[this is good] What a great post. It made me choke up a little, in fact. I think its wonderful that you're letting her go and that you had a special shopping trip in advance.
Just think of the reunion you'll have when she returns. :)
You're a nice Mom.


[this is good]'s just lesson after lesson in letting go. I agree with my baby sister. You're a good mom.


I think 12 is leg-shaving time. My girl and I have talked about it, she really wants to do it (all her "friends are doing it"), but I'm putting it off until she comes home from France. Happily she hasn't made a big deal about it - yet. ;-)


DC! What a perfect place to discover one's freedom. Great job, Dad.


I will. And you should save it too - because in a few years you're going to need to read it again. ;-)


It's funny, I know a few parents of girls her age who are not ready and seem to actively keep their kids from evendrying their wings (a necesary pre-flight requirement). When my girl went on the exchange trip to France, the school had to warn parents that there were no hotels in the area and that if they were seen spying on their children it would not be appreciated (and was considered to be bad for the kids).
One parent I know wouldn't let her girl go, precisely because of that. If she couldn't be nearby, she couldn't let her go at all.
I feel her pain but wonder at the long-term ramifications of it.

electric firefly

I can tell you - it leads to a lot of insecurities that will need to be worked out later in life. Best to try to spread those wings and blossom while still under the watchful, but not suffocating, eye of your parents than to wait until later. It also leads to a lot of rebellion. But maybe that's just me.


Thanks, Nancy. I don't know that I'm a nice Mom, in fact there are at least two people who might testify against the idea.But I'm trying really really hard to at leastbe a good one.


Thanks, Patty. You have the insider track, and see more than your average bear. Thismakes your praise even more meaningful.


I have to admit this is part of my thinking. If I let her fly when she asks for it, or shows she is ready for it, maybe she won't rebel against me - as much - later on. (Fingers' crossed)


Sigh ! I know.


[this is good] What happened to those Bonne Bell lip glosses we used to have around that age - ones that looked like over sized crayons and tasted like strawberries?


I know! Instead these kids have to choose between boring chapstick or slutty, shiny, glittery gloss.
I blame Disney (for everything).

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