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electric firefly

Wow, quite an adventure. I like that he's seeing it that way, too. It would be easy to feel defeated with all that going on, but it sounds like he's more than rising to the occasion. My fingers are crossed. Keep us posted!


[this is good] Go Xav Go! He must take pictures!!!

Grumpy Geek

I keep looking for the Travelocity ad :-).


He's holding up okay, but he's tired. And he's starting to worry now that he's in Paris (see the new post). Tomorrow will reveal all.


I would like pictures too. He seems reluctant but I will ask again.


I know! But if they're smart they will be filtering out the bad stories. My tag "escape" should be a sign to them to avoid the post. ;-)


Although it may be a giant pain, this kind of misadventure is right up Xav's alley. Am I the only one imagining him bolting through the chaos with a maniacal grin on his face? People of Air France, I hope you have your helmets on.

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