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Talk of clueless, huh..


I'd just send this to and be done with it. Eh?

Anonymous Dude

[this is good] I love/hate these kinds of stories.


Well, if it helps. there are alternatives.The most obvious is PrimoPDF. Installed on your PC, it looks like a printer. When you "print" to it (from any application), it pops up and says where would you like it and what quality do you need (web, ebook, pre-press, ...). A few seconds later, job done. I've used it in the past, and it's done everything I needed. (For more features, its big brother NitroPDF comes in at about ten months worth of online acrobat subscription.)There are other online PDF conversion services, some free, some starting at around $9 per month. Google for "online PDF" or similar. Can't vouch for any of them, as I've never needed to use one.If you want to take a more ambitious, yet still gratis, route: the OpenOffice suite does pretty much everything that MS Office does, and produces PDF output as a standard option. I use them a fair amount, and they work well for me. Then again, people who've invested a lot of geek-hours in arcane macros or obscure features have a harder time. You pays your money (or not), you takes your choice.


Wow, that's ridiculous! That's the problem with behemoths like Adobe - even when the people are willing to help, they're so completely bound by bureaucracy that they are unable to do ANYTHING but waste your time. I'm so sorry you had to waste your valuable time on such a farce!Spike has some good suggestions for PDF creators/converters that reside on your computer - I use a different one but they're all about the same - they reside on your computer, look like a printer, and when you "print" ask you where to save the PDF on your computer. Then you can open, print, email, etc. the resulting file with no fees, subscriptions, and without having to beg anyone to buy their product!!! ;-)


[this is good] You continue to be my hero on so many levels. Also, you have inspired this:

Grumpy Geek

Sounds just like the phone companies. Unfortunately, stories like this abound when dealing with any large company (ATT, Dell, Comcast, etc.).BTW, PDF 995, doPDF, and Primo PDF are all free Windows programs that will let you create PDFs.


Adobe is poised to topple, if you ask me (or those who have recently worked for them). Their products are becoming cumbersome and too expensive for their customer base... and as soon as a competitor comes out with something comparable they may find their market share evaporating. I hope they improve, because some of their products are immensely useful, but stories like this make me think they really are clueless.


Clueless + helpless is a huge corporateproblem. Deadly huge.


I think that Bruce is not the guy anymore and my sense from this series of intereactions is that "the guy," whoever he or she is, won't care. But I looked in again today and the pages that lured me in are now gone.
That's at least something.


Me too.
They are educational for all of us in the biz, but only in that "god forbid" kind of way.


Thanks Spike!
I'm going to try these out and see which one works best for me.


You got that right. Sales Guy wanted to help, I could sense his frustration very clearly. He knew what the right thing to do was, wanted to do it so Adobe would have a happy customer, but was powerless. I can't believe he'll be able to stick it out there for long.


Ha! What a riot.
Except for Cecily, she drew a tear with her "Wow. People still use Vox" comment.


Thanks I'm going to try some of those freebies out, hopefully one of them will be easy enough for me to use.


It seems hard to believe, they have so little in the way of real competition, but if they stay on this path it may create opportunity. If you disgruntle enough brilliantex-employees, they might just band together to kick your ass (metaphorically, of course).


I don't use Vox enough. I need to start my blogging habit back.


The truth is that I need you to start your blogging habit back.
- signed your number 1 fan.


Happy now?

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