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electric firefly

I am glad your close call was nothing moe than that. I have heard a number of stories, though, like the first one from places like Mexico, Brazil, and elsewhere. What seems astonishing is the amount of time it takes for help to get there. And the amount of cars that go over cliffs.
Thank you for not posting the picture.
Enjoy the rest of your stay there!

Kapolnek Family

yikes! sounds a little scary. wouldn't be as great an adventure if it was all manicured and safe I guess. glad you are safe and having a great time.


Happy belated birthday! and I am so glad nothing bad happened to you!


Glad you are safe.Have fun and stay safe.


Life is like this. Have a good day.


Those roads will make your heart skip a few beats. I remember being on a bus from Cuenca to Loja (Ecuador) and being so close to the edge that it felt like we were flying in the air. So glad you are safe! Welcome back!

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