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Little Odd Me god. You are my hero.

Steve Betz

[this is good] I've never heard a better description of the IKEA experience! The last time we went there, we saw people waiting an hour to buy a $19 easel. That was normally $30, but only on sale that morning. No thanks, my time is worth more $11/h. We walked all through the store only to realize we didn't really want any of it. We left with only a bag of votive candles.


Wow. At least no one got cut or punched in the neck. LOL.
IKEA, purveyors of cheap crap. Pffft!!!


My trick for Ikea is to show up half an hour before closing on a school night. It works surprisingly well.


[this is good] I love this!!! This post ranks right up there with the Evil Marshmallows from Williams Sonoma post.
I am one of the few people on the planet who has never been to an IKEA but I've heard enough stories from people that your post was completely hilarious! I still want to visit although I will probably always look at the employees as the "human in self-service"! Ha!


Well now, if you'd only been able to grab some Swedish meatballs with Loganberry Sauce on your way out, you'd have been listed in Guiness. Seriously. Just the fact that you convinced him to go back is HUGE.

Kapolnek Family

Would you just write a book already?

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