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Hey, she'll throw it off either way, give her meds to lower that fever.


her fever is down to 101.5 now so i'm going to wait it out. i'm a big fan of the mayo clinic's web site:


Hope Juju had a good night. Ditto for her parents and big sister :-)FWIW, I'd go along with your approach to her fever (but remember how comforting a cool damp facecloth on the forehead can be...)Don't want to scare you, but do keep a half-an-eye open for meningitis symptoms (floppiness, aversion to light, spotty rash that doesn't fade when pressed with a glass). It's hard to tell from flu or a bad cold in the early stages.


I hope she is better this morning. Hugs to her.


I'm so sorry! Day 2 of fever-home from work myself. I'm holding at 3F above normal, nothing like your angel. I hope she's well soon and you all can go back to being bothered over clothing choices!


I hope she feels better soon!I'm with you on the fever's tough to wait it out sometimes, but you're right. The body has a purpose for the fever and if we let them function they way they are designed to function, it's amazing what can happen.
Hang in there!


Thanks so much for the reminder about the damp cloth. unbelievably, i'd forgotten all about that tip,



Thank you. Her fever is still very high today - 103.1. I got her to eat some apple and she is drinking a lot of water. I'm sure she'll be better soon.


I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Please take good care of yourself and drink lots of liquids! Feel better soon.


Thanks so much. Her fever is higher today and she's so pitiful that I'm actually on hold right now with the pediatrician. I don't want to be alarmist, but I want to be smart...


definitely - got to go with your instincts too. Hope they give you some good info for her!

electric firefly

So sorry to hear about Juju. Ronan likely had H1N1 a week or so ago. When we gave him Motrin for the fever, it did nothing. It seemed to help the pain, so we continued to give it to him. I was torn because I do understand the importance of letting the body do it's thing, but I ultimately decided he had too much going on and I gave the pain meds. It's possible the meds may not impact Juju's fever but make her feel better. I am sure the best comfort, though, is having you all beside her.

Red Pen

I hope she's doing better.


Update: after I called the pediatric advise nurse she told us to come in. Actually she made me ask a Juju a bunch of questions to determine if she was okay, otherwise she was going to make us call 911. So that kind of made me nervous.
After Juju answered all of the questions we went to the clinic instead of the hospital, only to have the doc check her out and say "it may be flu, probably not swine flu, it could be anything. she definitely has a bad bug and there are a lot of bad bad bugs going around. Kids are dropping like flies. Keep doing what you're doing and she should start to feel better in 3-4 days."
So when I don't give her meds her fever spikes to 103 and she becomes a rag doll. when I do give her meds she eats, drinks and threatens to go play outside with her friends. She doesn't understand that medicine makes her feel better, but doesn't actually cure her.
The next three days are going to be SoMuch Fun!


I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a baby who might or might nowhave H1N1. My heart goes out to you.
Happily, meds seem to have a huge impact on her. While on the one hand I would prefer to let the fever do it's work, I can't let her suffer with 103 degree fever.


Just read this now as I've been offline. I should have just dropped that bottle of champagne at the door for you and X, sounds like you're going to need it this weekend! Hope the rest of you don't get sick too.


Nothing as sad as a sick little kid. They just lie there so helpless and listless. And then, later on, they want to get up and go run adn jump in the backyard like nothing happened. Argh. This is why there is no definitive manual for raising children. No one would believe half the stuff anyways. LOL


here's hoping miss juju's on the mend and that the rest of the fam is keeping healthy-- these bugs are contagious little beasties. I once read or heard that a fever above 101 didn't really do the body any good, but I can't really cite any creditability for the claim... hope you've made it through to a lighter other side. xo.

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