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Good for you. I did my best Susan Dey in "LA Law" a few weeks ago in San Mateo Traffic Court myself. I won my case, but my officer, unlike yours, did not have a binder of evidence. He tried be convincing though, and he bold faced lied, The whole thing was ridiculous and I too would fight it again.


I'm sorry about your experience. But good for you for fighting!

Even more profitable, apparently, are the cameras that try to catch people at red lights. Not that there aren't bad, discourteous, unsafe drivers out there--there are. But apparently the cameras ticket a lot of people who were "doing the best they could."

Yes--it would be good to keep the parks open. In Wisconsin, a lot of road side parks are closed for lack of revenue for maintenance. Pathetic!


Sorry about the bad experience. But then, were you surprised? Nothing about the human race surprises me anymore.


[this is good] Gripping. You title is all wrong though. It should read "Karen Channels Angela Davis." Well done. The Force... well, you know.

Steve Betz

Wow --- I have friends in the law that talk about the numbing quality and perfunctory process of "the system" -- that in cases like this one, it really is a "numbers game". And when you hear it you nod, because you get it, but when you see it in reality how can it be so?


the fact that your cop showed up and you still won the case gives me hope. congratulations!


i think it's hard to fight the red light cameras. in fact during my days in court i heard two people change their plea after seeing the photos. one woman wanted to change her plea to "driving while stupid."


I feel sure that if I had actually been able to channel Angela Davis, I would have stood a much better chance at winning - even with the deck stacked against. me. :-)


As much as I am jaded, I am sorry to say that I am still able to be surprised by such things.Despite all evidence to the contrarysomehow I still net out on the side of "right will win." (how American)
This is why my post is titled "Pollyanna goes to court." I should know better, and yet I remain "illogically optimistic."


Indeed. It seems wrong because it is wrong.
And when your friends say "numbers game" I now substitute the word dollars for numbers. Because at the end of the day, it's all about the Benjamins.


Good for you for taking the time to stand up for yourself. I'm not surprised that the cop lied, and that's sad.

Kapolnek Family

If it makes you feel any better, I lost too. Argued before the judge and with the judge, but still lost. Half of the people there were airport "violators" like me. A very sticky trap. They were all guilty. Got 2 points and my fine reduced to 80.00. A complete and total waste of my time!


growing up the idea of lying cops was so shocking. now no one even bats an eye. I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that they so obviously do it, or the fact that no one is surpised about it anymore.


It doesn't make me feel better at all. TWO points? Geez, what a rip.


Good for you for doing your homework and taking it to court. It is really shocking to me to see where America is today. It's really sad.


And they wonder why no one likes cops. I saw this video the other day from an attorney who said to never, ever talk to police about anything unless absolutely necessary. He went on to discuss how all these different and very real things had happened to some of his clients and they were like you, thought that you could still get justice in America. Sheesh. Very scary, all of it. It's all about intimidation and money these days. Shut up and pay up...

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