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From far inland...The last time I saw lobster being prepared on tele, the chef did just what you're doing here. The guy with him said, "Wait. What? Why didn't you just toss him in the pot of boiling water?"The dude was the fisherman who pulled the lobster with his pots. your experience, do most people nowadays do this before putting in the pot? I was always told they die instantly anyway (again, I'm talking crawdaddies which are fresh-water, mini lobsters-ish).Curious!

electric firefly

So.very.jealous. It's been ages since I've enjoyed one of these. Can you believe people used to throw them away because they considered them waste?

Yvette Ivy

[this is good] Hilarious! However, I am insanely jealous. Can I come to dinner tomorrow? LOL


Well, it's the Mister who does all the cooking and he says that boiling them may be a little crueler than aknife in the head, but it is certainly faster and easier and not everyone likes to knife a live lobster in the head (after he's dead of course, few have any problems with this). He has beenknow tothrow them in the pot alive, and assures me that the (very creepy) whistling sound you sometimes hear is the air escaping from the shell - lobsters have no vocal chords of course.
My philosophy, as with crabs, is that if I were bobbing in the ocean they would just as happily eat me. ;-)


No, I can't believe that at all. They are way too delicious to be anything but dinner...or lunch...even breakfast works for me.


Now see, tomorrow would be much too late. There won't even be leftovers tomorrow!


Sweet jesus, even though Xav did that once at our house that picture has my jaw on the desk!
Should've used a bigger knife.


I like your philosophy!I didn't know if there was "new thinking" or personal preference. :)

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