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[this is good]


[this is good] Amen! Some people in the service industry don't even bother to greet you when you get to their counter, and what's worse, they don't even say thank you when you make a purchase. That's the worst to me. Too bad I don't live closer to San Carlos, I'd love to check out the Afghanistan lady's food, sounds yummy!


You know, every time I enter and leave a store - any store, I say thank you on the way out, even though I'm the shopper. I figure it was nice of them to let me in and look around, it's only nice to say thank you on the way out.
This has becomepolicy at our fly shop, we always greet every customer, just so they are sure to feel welcome.
The Afghan stuff can be found in other places too, here is their web site. I highly recommend the spinach bolani, garlic mint cheese, basil pesto and sweet jalapeno sauce. I pile them all up together on a few slices of spinach bolani and it's delicious!

Nancy Mitchell

[this is good] I am so with you on this. Rudeness is the bane of my existence...especially when it happens in a customer-service setting.
Just this weekend, Dan and I were at the grocery store and the cashier actually acted as though we were bothering her...simply because she had to ring up our purchase.
As I said "thank you" when we were leaving and she said nothing...I looked at Dan and asked "isn't she the one who is supposed to say thank you?".
Apparently not.

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