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Here it's the "yard waste" scam where anything you cut, mow or trim will be picked up (for an extra fee if you have more than a small box full - and they won't take the box) and then ground up and sold right back to you if you want compost.But since this is Texas, all recyclables go in the blue bin and all your trash goes in the green bin. No sorting. Apparently we have 'people' to do that.I suspect all my carefully rinsed and sometimes run through the dishwasher cans and jars really just end up in a different landfill that isn't the one here. That makes it ok, it seems.


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Our problem is the recycling truck doesn't see out stuff.Unless we put it on the far side of the driveway, over on the crazy neighbor's side.But we rarely put ours out anyway, since our neighborhood is constantly patrolled by recycling rustlers.If they'd just be tidy about it, maybe it wouldn't bother me, but they sift through to pick out the higher profit stuff, and leave the rest dumped on the curb.So we drive it over to a recycle center two towns over.


that is kind of odd that you can not put bags in a bag

Candy Sparks

when i lived in texas i had put my recycling out that day and then it sprinkled getting the paper products wet... would you believe that they wouldn't pick it up and left everything in the bin i was pissed because i couldn't control they rain and they knew it rained... so they to me had no excuse... blah... trash police do you think it will hit L.A.? damn because then it'll trickle to where i'm located...


Kapolnek Family

Wow, the Bay Area still makes you sort?


Here where I live in the Bay area we just sort paper from the rest of it. Plastic, aluminum and glass can all go in the same thing. So far so good.

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