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Five bucks!?! The most the tooth fairy ever left me was 25 cents. A dime was far more likely. Anyway, a couple of random facts which may be of use. First (and this is so widely known I'm surprised you hadn't heard of it), the tooth fairy knows if kids are pretending to sleep (or otherwise being naughty) and won't deliver if they are. Second, she sells the teeth on to a big Eastern conglomerate, where they're made into billiard (or pool or snooker) balls. This is definitely true, because I saw it in a Peanuts cartoon, and if you can't trust Charles Schulz...Hope this helps. (Hmm. I wonder if I have that cartoon somewhere...)

electric firefly

Wow, $5 does seem like an awful lot. I agree with the sentiment that if you can blackmail the tooth fairy, you should be putting those skills to better use to benefit the family, or at least otherwise occupying yourself to prevent further blackmail.


I am in the same boat with you on the money. I got $50 cents and I was thrilled about it. Unfortunately we listened to other people the first time, and once the price has been set, it's hard to go backwards.
The idea of turning teeth is billiard balls is funny, if a little creepy. You've totally changed my perspective on the game now.


It is a lot, and I chalk it up to living in the Bay Area. My advice to you is to set the bar much lower, as I said to Spike, once you set the price, it's hard to change it...

electric firefly

Will do. I guess I can adjust the 50 cents I got for inflation and see what that nets out at. Of course, we're looking at several more years before he loses them (he still only has a handful that have even come in), so $5 will probably seem pretty reasonable.


$5?!!! That is blackmailing at its best by a child. I remember when I was happy to get a dime and a quarter if the tooth was really big. Love the note that she left however. So adorable! I'd be a proud mom. :)


Oh girl,I think youshould justgo ahead and start practicing your "I walked 10 miles to school in the snow" speech. ;-)
The note was cute in that terrible, I'm a tattle-tale even to mythical creatures kind of way.


[this is good]

Kapolnek Family

Wedo five bucks here too. It is a lot, and I am thinking about switching to 2 dollar bills - they are cool and it is still early enough in our house to make a change. Something you might want to consider with Juju... We got a special tiny little zipping purse for her to put her tooth in. It is silky so it is quiet, and big enough so that it is easy to find under the pillow. I haven't been caught yet, but if I do, my answer will be that I was checking to see if the tooth fairy had come yet because I was going to bed and wanted to close and lock all the doors and windows. Seems reasonable, right? Good luck!


The tooth fairy obviously sells the teeth on eBay.

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