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what is it? what is it?
where is it?


it's called nectar.
and they offer wine "flights" that are, sadly, so much prettier than they are tasty.
i'll never go back.


never? what happened?


What happened is that this place(which is in Burlingame)is prettier than it is good. The food is crazy expensive and only mildly edible. Xav had a porter steak that was barely a quarter of an inch thick and cooked to within an inch of it's life. The service was erratic. They ran out of the special entree at 7:30. They ran out of the special dessert at 8:30 - crepes. The idea that you couldn't just whip up more crepes (since everyone is eating them) was just silly.
It's a wine bar, so I guess you could forgive the food if it didn't cost so much money. But the wine was also just okay. Nothing that really made me feel like I'd discovered something special or interesting.
Which is all too bad, 'cause the place is super pretty - it could have been a nice place to hang with friends.

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