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[this is good] This is a lovely post!


[this is good] What a gentle and intuitive post. Pure understanding.

Little Odd Me

[this is good] Beautiful.
My eleven year old stepdaughter started giving me her shoes last month. She's outgrown them, but they're still good - and they fit me. :|


[this is good]


[this is good]


My daughter has classmates whose feet are already bigger than their mothers'. While it's nice to share shoes (maybe, she totally trashes hers), I'm not yet ready for her to be bigger than me in any way.LuckilyI'm tall enough to get a little more time to make the inevitableadjustment. ;-)


Annabelle went from a 5 to an 8.5 in what seemed like a few must have been longer, but I swear it was amazingly fast and around 12 years old. She stayed there fortunately and we can share shoes.
Lovely post btw.


[this is good] It's amazing isn't it? My 10 yr old still cuddles with her favorite stuffed animal at night, yet she wants "grown up" clothes and shoes. She still likes to color, but she's reading "Little Women". She also occasionally crawls in my lap when for a cuddle when we're watching a movie, yet she slips her hand out of mine when we come in range of the soccer field. How can something break your heart and make it soar at the same time?Thanks for posting this.


Sharing shoes is probably great.
But later. Much later.


yes. yes. yes.
this exactly.

the in-between years.

full of soaring and heartbreak.
i knew you would get it.


[this is good] Have been where you are...mine is 17 now. Thanks for posting this - brings back lovely memories.

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