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I had it. About 7 years ago when they didn't know so much about it, including to even test for it. And I had the achey joints and muscles too. And the foggy head.
I'm so glad for you that they figured it out early. It took them 6 weeks and several trips to several doctors to even test me for it. And only after testing for lupus, rhuematoid arthrits, thyroid problems, luekemia and all kinds of other scary stuff including questioning my sanity. I felt like I'd been drugged or poisoned and no one knew why. I know you wanna work and be your driven self again right away, but don't push it. Your body needs the time to work itself well again.

Little Odd Me

Whine away. I'm also glad the twelve year old figured it out early. Sorry you are feeling so awful, and I hope it gets better rapidly.

Kapolnek Family

Oh man that sucks! So sorry you have to feel so crappy. EmmaandTyler both had this one - but somehow I got lucky. I haven't had anything like that in years (knock on wood!), but I remember how awful it is! I am sending you get well vibes. Take care of yourself and think of it this way... if you deny the sleep, you will stay sick longer. If you sleep, you will get well faster. Just listen to your body and you will get well. Big hugs!! Too bad I can't take the girls for you!


So sorry. Apparently about 50% of adults have antibodies to this thing. All the advice you've gotten gibes with what little I know. Rest, rest, and rest.


This is tough. Rest and water.


I'm not surprised they took so long to figure it out seven years ago, it's still a relatively new disease. And since it mimics both lupus and and arthritis, it makes sense they would test for that too.
How long did it take you to get better?


She really is a smart kid. I'm fast getting over my older = wiser doctor prejudice since most doctors went to school before this was even a realdisease...


be careful what you wish for, I'm putting them on a plane tomorrow.


I am resigned to my bed now.
sleep doesn't make me feel better, but it does make the time go by faster.


Thank you. Water yes, the doctor threatened me with IVs today if I didn't become more hydrated.


Well, I didn't know what I had for 6 weeks and so I was not resting except when I couldn't stand or hold my head up any longer during that whole time, but I'd say from the time I first felt like something was wrong until I started to feel better again it was like 8-9 weeks.
And you're right, sleep didn't make me feel any better, especially when I was so achey and every joint in my body hurt. Warm baths helped a lot. And Ibruprofin.


[This is NOT good]
I'm so sorry that you're going through this! Only you could write a blog post this good about it though! I hope that your recovery will be super quick and surprise everyone!

Lisa Pepin

Oh, you poor thing! My heart goes out to you. And Ashby is right, only you could write something this good while feeling like you're at death's door! I hope you can stay awake long enough to send us further updates. And I hope you feel better soon!


:-( For heaven's sake it doesn't sound like whining, it sounds like you feel crappy and are tired and sick. Take care of yourself and follow all the smart people's advice above. xxx


I had only heard of parvovirus for dogs as well. I hope you are feeling better.

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