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Little Odd Me

[this is good] I'd never thought of how many Disney movies involve this theme.


[this is good] That happens a lot. Look at Finding Nemo, Bambi, it's a Disney Formula, I think. :) Glad you liked the film.


the dead mother theme, combined with the evil witch or the rescued little girl themes are a few of the many reasons that Disney is bad for society.


oh yes. Now you're going to torture yourself thinking about it. ;-) Sleeping Beauty's mother didn't actually die, but she wasn't allowed to see her daughter until she was 16 and about to be married(and geez, isn't that a little young to be shipped off to Prince Charming?), and Dumbo's mother gets locked upfor being insane.i haven't even touched the evil stepmother phenomenon. I mean, Snow White's mother wanted to EAT her heart!


Up was fun, definitely worth the eight bucks, but be prepared to cry a little at the beginning (we did).


i couldn't agree more.
if only they weren't so damn entertaining.


If they didn't kill off the mother figure, she would prevent, minimize or fix the catastrophe meant to drive the rest of the movie and leave us with a 10 minute short.


Haha, wow, I never thought about how many Disney movies kill their mother figure off the screen in the beginning of films _ That's so bad! Amongst all the little things that they keep in every film, I don't think that's the nice part _ Lols.But, I loved Up. Definitely two huge thumbs up!


Well. I had to explain why the woman was crying and why she couldn't have a baby.... sigh. As if killing her off wasn't enough. But yes. In spite of the writers efforts to traumatize children, it was a very wonderful movie.

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