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Ouch. Glad nothing was broken or dislocated.


Fuck me, what can I do to help? This is incredible! Are you okay with what you need to get done everyday to keep things going? Don't know if a strain is better than a clean break. Good heavens, you're made of strong stuff.


FTM, the Al Green, Talking Heads song title is a hoot and appropriate, seriously, let me know if you guys need so help...


Best blog post title yet! (good to talk to you today)


The Fish's Revenge... Glad you will mend quickly and that you mostly had a grand time.

Artzy Lady

Beautifully written, the amazing wildness of that place, the epic struggle. I hope you are back to your usual strong self in no time.

Yvette Ivy

[this is good] Oh. My. Gosh. Only you, my dear, only you. I did crutches and physical therapy last spring after trying to learn to ski at 32, so I know how irritating it is to still be mom and not be in top physical condition. Here's to a quick mend and an awesome blog post!


PHEW! So glad to hear you are OK!


Sorry to hear that the fall scuttled the fishing, but happy to know you're not permanently damaged. However, I think there was a missed opportunity in not making Rodrigo your cabin boy for the rest of the trip...prrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Have you ever read the Nick Adams stories? Like Big Two-Hearted River, for example. I know Hemingway is way out of fashion, but he writes very well about trout fishing, and your first two paragraphs made me think of him.


so glad you are not broken!


[this is good]


thank you so much for your offer of help, we are totally fine.
unless of course you want to clean out my garage. i've lived in this house for three years and still don't have the strength to do it.


well, according to my chiropractor I probably did dislocate it, but since i put it back right away, it's probably okay. ;-)


I had a great time - even after i twonked my hip. thank you!


Thank you so much. I am already much better and hobbling around on a single crutch. Just call me Hop along. :-)


Ah, so you know how frustrated I am! Funny how crutches doesn't make a mother's work go away.
So glad you learned how to ski, that's awesome!


Oh no, I definitely fished. I mean, what was I going to do, sit on the ship and drink all day? Okay, totally plausible under other circumstances I know. ;-)
And you of all people know how much I'd love my very own pool boy...


Hemingway? What, are you trying to borrow money or something? Why are you being so nice to me? Keep that up and I might actually start to think I know how to write (don't let that happen). :-)

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