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I'm amazed to find that there is not a single email offering you a way to increase the (deleted) of your (deleted). I'll screenshot my spam folder next time I'm at home.

Candy Sparks

so does mine...



Oh. My Gosh.

Right before I came to this site, I looked at my email, for which I use a POP mail client, and there were four pieces of oddly amusing junk mail. My thoughts were 1) Google's letting some stuff slip through, and 2) I should put this on Vox, because even though the second filter caught it, these are sort of more interesting than usual.

I like the one at the top of yours best. :-)


No, no, they have! Just not today.


Me too!
How dumb am I?
Let's see, I'm not getting enough sleep, I need an instant face lift, to drop 20 lbs, to banish my debt, save my house and in general am lookingfor a better way of life.
And isn't amazing? I can do it all (and more) right now!


Much of it is largely cancelled out by the fact that you get to go to Cancun and don't even have to send any money to Nigeria. Win. :-)


You are so right, thank you!
I totally overlooked the fact that I can also get government grants to work for google at home that I will never have to pay back!

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