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[this is good] backbone and decency are never for nothing. I don't know if I could have done that. it would be nice to find out. you inspire, the best sort of not-nothing.


[this is good] You did what I always wish I had the gumption to do. No matter how grating her final reaction was, that had to be satisfying.
And, I also thought that, based on the title, "Gas and Accountability" was going to go in a comp-l-e-t-e-l-y different direction before I started reading. :)

Little Odd Me

I'm so glad you followed through. I have tried this before and only gotten to a similar point towhere she drove to the other side in your story. I end up leaving seething and feeling like I was twice-wronged.
I feel a tiny twinge of vicarious victory here. She'll certainly think twice before she pulls that stupid stunt again.


[this is good] Good for you! I hate it when people act this way. Typically its Republicans who act this way though, may be they're sore losers. But it does seems to be happening more and more; which is why I'm investing in a belt-fed weapon.


And she probably blocks this all out with little pills she takes for "nerves" when she gets home. Just so she won't remember. Some folks are so self-absorbed, they can't even admit when they've done wrong. Sheesh! And this is more common than not, I'm afraid. At least YOU are okay.

Lisa Pepin

[this is good] You rock! This is exactly the sort of thing I always wish Ihad done after the fact.Sometimes I'msorely temptedto let the other driver hit me(in slow-moving traffic altercations, anyway) just to teach them a lesson.

Steve Betz

Holy crap. I should be appalled at the woman's behavior. Good for you to sticking to your guns and not letting her off the hook. No one wants to say, hey -- I was the bad driver, but sometimes it happens. Has responsibility totally disappeared?

Also, I can't help wondering if there's another blog-post somewhere describing a poor soul that got accosted at the gas-station by the crazy lady.


When guys do this to me, their next move is generallyto cover for it by driving crazy for a half block or so... driving really aggressively, giving out some tough-guy looks or whatever. Message:No, I'm notan idiot, I'm in a HUGE HURRY or AM A BAD-ASS. What I've started doing isgiving them a surprised smile,and sometimes I'll get repaid with kind of arueful shrug. Once a guy double-failed by pulling out RIGHT in front of me and then stalling his car, and after coming to ascreeching halt right in front of him, my friend and I sat up and applauded. We were in a convertible so we sort of half stood up leaning back against the headrests, and wereloudly applaudingand cheering this poor clown as he tried to start his car, kind of like when people applaudwaitresses when they drop something. Anyway, this kind of approachsignals recognition oftheundeniable truth that we all occasionally screw up,while also humiliating the fool - more fun and perhaps less dangerous than confronting them.


[this is good] WOW. Karma's gonna be a bi-otch when it comes back to her. It's only a matter of time until she gets into an accident with someone who's not as much of a defensive driver.


of course you could do it! you are so much braver than me.


I should have worked harder on a better title. I didn't mean to set that kind of expectation!


Also, I can't help wondering if there's another blog-post somewhere describing a poor soul that got accosted at the gas-station by the crazy lady.
I thought about this too and I wouldn't be surprised one bit. The photos alone would be hilarious.


I love the clapping, that is fantastic!


Or maybe I'm her Karma?


[this is good] i would have done the same thing, but with more cursing, and me ending up punching her in the face, or hosing her down with gasoline.. but. thats just me (=

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