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I think personal integrity is incredibly important (especially as we see it in sharp decline around us) - so I applaud you for doing the right thing. Pragmatism might be more popular (and easier), but our character is summed up by the things - big and small - we act upon. So I don't see you as a goody two shoes! :-) Perhaps it would be more accurate to say honest, reliable and conscientious.


I'd have done the same thing. It's kind of like,"Do I kill the spider or take it outside?" Now Keith on the other hand who hates spiders, would most definitely kill it. He flips out and it's just a reaction. LOL Good for you for keeping your conscience clean. Mine would have been marred if I had not punched the ticket. Peace! You'll get a little "bonus" somewhere today for sure!

Tara S

Clearly I rubbed off on you while you were here...
Now you are so sweet and honest that it makes even ME want to puke!


omg. now i have to go out and steal something.


At one time, I would have viewed a situation like this as being the Universe's attempt to pay me back ina small way for the times it has (unintentionally, I'm sure) screwed me. Now, I still do that about half the time, and get the ticket stamped the other half. When I stamp,a small voice inside is saying "you idiot".

Kapolnek Family

Funny, I just experienced something similar. I usually let Ty and Sophie eat a cookie out of the pastry counter when we do a big grocery shopping trip. I usually keep the little paper they have you use when removing thecookie as a reminder so I don'tforgetto pay for them.But the other day, I spaced it entirely and went home without paying. I felt bad, but not bad enough to go back to the store. My justification? At Whole Foods they let you have a cookie free, why not Safeway? The next trip (yesterday), I forgot again and left the store without paying (Sophie was melting so I blame her). Once I got everyone/everything loaded in the car, I discovered my little paper reminders. This time I left everyone, ran to the girl at the self check out and paid her. She gave me a look like "you are a dumbs*it but thanks" and off I went. I could do it once, but not twice! Not because of Karma, but because it just isn't the right thing to do. Think I'll remember next time? Not likely.


Nowdays majority of people are caught in a crisis of conscience and you have taken the right decision. At least you can face your own familywith a clear conscience when telling them to do the right things.


[this is good] Integrity = "Maybe especially because I didn't say it to anyone other than myself."


You know, it is ok to puke. A lot, if you want. All the time, maybe?

Grumpy Geek

Reputation versus character. Reputation is what other people think of you, based on events they know. Character is what you think of yourself based on your real actions and motivations. You only have control over character, but if you do the right thing at least most of the time, your reputation should come out ok.

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