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Those people scare me. Really, really scare me.
I read Fox online for the very same reason. Thank you for running the numbers. I feel better now.


did you look at msnbc vs fox? They're sort of head to head, ideologically, and I'd heard that msnbc was edging faux here and there.


i added a new chart for youin the post.
you are right thatmsnbc is up, but they are still far below fox, which is still far below cnn.


[isto bom] Very nice, the numbers do not lie! On Twitter, Barrack has 99,526 followers and has made 229 updates. McCain has 3,189 followers and has made 18 updates. On Facebook, there are 41 Obama related applications and McCain has just 14.-Scott


Big smile over here as I imagine Xav in those conversations.PS: You are a big web metrics nerd! Thanks for documenting the echo chamber.

Karen Lynn

Last Sunday, our elderly friend Ed told us about the propaganda Fox spews out. Apparently, Fox news has convinced the majority of his retirement village to vote for McCain.


Very cool - thanks for making me aware of!


[this is good] You got all the brains in the family.


Unfortunately, most of the people who watch Fox on a daily basis are not internet users.


I forgot to add that most Fox viewers are retirees that don't have internet access, nor do they care about it.
The sad thing about the people that Xavier met is true for about 50% of the voters in America. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. They vote based upon the media and every piece of media is swayed for personal benefit these days.
Take this for instance:


i don't buy the idea that the majority ofretirees don't have internet connections. internet penetration in the US is now at about 90% and older people (over 65) were the fastest joining population three years ago.
however, you are right about the cnn vs. fox viewer stats: they are neck and neck with about 450K daily viewers each.
that said, overall offline news as a whole continues to decline as it has in recent years - with newspapers being hit the hardest.people are increasingly turning to the internet for their information and studies show thatonline most people stick to the preferences they have offline. For exampleif theywatch a particular brand of local news, they tend togo to that local news site online. I wouldbet this is true for national news too.

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