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[this is good]


[this is good] I think the Palin choice is an insult. Would a man with her qualifications be picked as a running mate? I don't think so. Great post on the importance of voting, whatever your political leanings.


[this is good] I'm stealing this and posting it everywhere I can think to post it.


Thanks! Feel free to steal away.:-)

Tara S

So ... I have a slightly different take on my "civic duties". I think we have a duty to vote PROPERLY INFORMED. If you haven't done your due diligence, DON'T VOTE. At the last pre-election, I couldn't decide who to vote for, because I didn't feel my2 candidates distinguished themselves enough. So I didn't vote. And I'm so glad now because if I'd voted I probably would have voted for the person I thought would win, and not only would I have been totally mistaken, but I would also have voted for someone I later surmised would have been the wrong choice. I did end up voting for the various local Propositions etc, but I didn't vote for the presidential nominee for my party. Even though I'd probably done more research than most people who did vote. My vote might have cancelled out someone else's vote who DID do their due diligence and chose someone for a good reason. That's just my opinion on the subject of PLEASE VOTE...

Karen Lynn

[this is good] Great post! I think McCain could have done far better too. Sarah Palin is indeed a slap in the face.


ah Tara. You and your rules. ;-)I agree that we should be better informed, of course. But the glut of 24 hour information and misinformation can make it hard for a person to ever feel they know enough. This can lead to paralysis. Paralysis is bad.My advice, learn what you can and go with your gut.


Would a man with her qualifications be picked as a running mate?

No, never. Even Dan Quayle, the epitome of idiot vice presidents, had better credentials.


From another point of view Palin is a great choice because it shows us exactly what kind of impulsive, shoot from the hip (regardless of whether or not your gun is still in the holster) guy he is.

Karen Lynn

He's a maverick. haha


If McCain had chosen Condoleeza Rice as his VP running mate ... wow, that would have been strategically interesting.


[ ] I am a huge Hillary fan and was really put out when Obama picked Biden (where the hell has he been lately?). I felt the Dems had a slam dunk win going with an Obama/Clinton ticket and I still cannot figure out why they didn't solidify Dems, for once, into a sold, single team - I mean, the Repubs are such team players... Now, I'm very worried, but I think I swung a McCain vote to an Obama vote in Florida this morning.... My mom.


I'm with you - voting is very important. It drives me nuts when I hear people say they aren't going to vote because they don't care for either candidate. We are priviledged to live in a democratic country so we really should be grateful and exercise this important right.

Tara S

Yea, at the time, my gut couldn't decide either. :(
I'm def voting this time...


Yes, yes, yes! Please vote. It needs to be known how many people are actively paying attention.


[this is good] Okay, so I'm a fan of yours already and from only reading two posts! This is exactly how folks should feel about this election and if they don't, then I agree with Tara, if you're not informed and can make informed decisions, don't vote an let those of us who make an effort to be informed, make the different. Thanks for this post! It's honest and real and without hurtful commentary! Kudos!

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