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[this is good] this is beautiful. huzzah for ms b.d. miller. i'm glad everything went smoothly, and am assuming your treasure got to colorado ok as there's no follow-up post to say that she's swirling round the carousel in las vegas! hope she enjoys her trip and the journey back is even freer of incident.

Dan Culhane

[this is good] I love happy endings! They're so rare in the world of airlines. B.D. needs to have a gold star badge pinned on her as well!

electric firefly

[this is good] This is really sweet. Sounds like your little girl may be up for the trip to France. And I agree with the others about Ms. Miller - she sounds amazing.


Thank you!
Yes, she did arrive safe and sound is already the belle of her cousins' neighborhood. She loves being a celebrity.


BD does need a gold star. I wrote this post in part to remind myself to figure out how/where to send a letter to United praising her...


She is ready.
But am I?

electric firefly

I don't know yet, but I imagine the toughest part of parenting is letting go. The worst part seems to be that whether you are ready or not, they make a lot of the determinations about when that happens. Luckily, she's got an amazing woman as a role model and guide, so she will be great on her own. And the rest of us will be here to hold your hand through it.


[this is good] this totally made me want to go call my mom. and I got a little teary. love it.


as with most things with kids, the letting go starts gradually and you are usually glad to see it happen. when they can start to walk you are proud and a little relieved that you don't have to carry them everywhere. when they go to school, they are learning, meeting friends and you can stop paying so much for happens slowly enough
until it happens all at once
and you are right about themsetting the timing. the best you can do is suck it up with a smile and say "go, baby go!" and save the tears for when they're out of the room.

Kapolnek Family

Tonight after the little ones were down, she and I swung on the swings and she told me some great stories about school and her friends. I just inspected her teeth, gave her a hug and kiss, and she is now curled up ready to go to sleep. Thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me!


[this is good] OMG, you sent her alone? Did YOU turn out alright? I am sure she did.I tear up every day my daughter walks into her CLASS ROOM without me, for God's sake !


No, no. Thank you for opening your house to her. She's having the time of her life. xoxo.


I hope you did call her, you have a great mom!


after i had my little cry at the airport i was okay. i've talked to her on the phone since then and she's having so much fun, i have no regrets. the hard part now will be keeping five year old juju from trying to follow too closelyin her footsteps.

Red Pen

for trusting us, the people you can't even trust with your luggage,
with your precious child. We'll do our best to keep track of her. Sign
here." Ironic. LOL.I'm glad it worked out. Thank goodness for B.D., the airline angel.


Wonderful! Thanks for sending the link. Cassandre and I had an absolutely delightful visit yesterday, and it was great to re-connect with Amanda and Dave, too. -- fi


You know, all I could think about for a while was the fact that they really can't keep track of luggage. They seem, however to do a better job with items located within the cabin.She comes home tomorrow.Cross your fingers for us.:-)


I am so glad that you two had the chance to visit. Based on this (very) positive experience I think I could send her again...


[this is good]

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