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Lisa Pepin

Fantastic! A friend of mine just went to a restaurant like this in London and raved about it. They ended up eating with their hands, too. I hope this concept makes it to France.


[this is good] Wow, interesting. I particularly like the comment about how all the conversation was about the dinner, and not about work, etc.


(Evokes impersonation of Dana Carvey impersonating George Bush Sr.) "Not gonna do it!"


some intense words here... and I like them!


You know what! I think this rocks! How better to understand how folks live than to live in their world. It brings new found respect and quiet honestly, I'm sure they get a kick out of watching us make an attempt at something they do every day. I mean it has to be interesting to experience from two perspectives. So kudos to Opaque! I'm linking this story.

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