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Thats crazy! My grandmother lives in DE and when I visit her we often drive through NJ to get places. People there know you fill up in DE before crossing the state line because gas is so much more expensive in NJ mainly since you can't pump your own gas there. Its crazy that people are willing to pay that much.


[this is horrible] How about I dig it out myself for $2/gallon?


I wonder what Full Service is like at this price.... windows, oil checked, closets organized,and a plate of sushi?

Red Pen

Whoa! That's incredible.


That's alot.


Yep, we went by this very same gas station yesterday and Elle startled me by yelling, "$5.49!! Holy Crap!!!".Unfortunately,
on the way back from taking Lily to a doctor's appointment, I got
caught low on gas and pulled into a Shell station on South Airport Blvd
near SFO and got tagged for gas at $5.11... SELF SERVE...-Scott

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