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The K Spot

I swear I don't know if children are just more disease prone - or if schools were just more lax back in the day - but it seems crazy/scary how many germies are out and about these days!
I am so jealous about french camp!


I have heard so many lice stories lately! My niece has had them off and on since November! They are becoming drug resistant.I worked at a preschool and hated it when the toddlers came off of their tylenol and started the fever. CRANKY! and cranky toddlers bite. I was never so sick as those 5 years I worked with children. Now I have an immune system of steel! Haha!


French camp - sounds fun!I always thought that roseola thing was for wee little kids - like 2 and under. My friend's kid had it recently.
I hope your kids have a great time this summer! (and stay healthy!)


We need a sleep away camp for adults....complete with counselors and booze.


i think it has more to do with awareness, and sometimes i think we are becoming too aware. at times these notices make me downright psychosomatic - and before you know it i'll have munchhausen by proxy.



this is the worst. as much as i have been tempted to send them off with a little motrin, knowing that they will be sick, wretched little creatures when i get home from work is usually enough to prevent it.


i thought roseola was for little ones too, and that's what the books say, and yet juju's schoolmate got it.
go figure.


sign me up
i'll pay just about anything.


Hahah! Usually a call to the parents at work saying their child had a fever and needed to be picked up early did it. The are wretched little creatures when the are sick too!


[this is good] Been reading all about all these things in numerous books. Baby Lily (aren't girls just the best!) arrives later this month.-Scott


Oh, you did not just announce your baby onmy blog!
You kill me.
Perhaps you'll throw me another bone or two in the way of information...?

Spinning with joy for you, of course. :-)


Check out my blog for more info. Our other friend is going to be a dad too come September... but you probably knew that already.


please point me to your blog, i can't seem to remember the address.
and no.
of course i had no idea that mr. secret service i'd tell you but then i'd have to kill you was going be a father. i need more info!

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