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Kapolnek Family

Oh bummer! I guess she won't be the doctor in our family.I am lucky, no bees. But give me a good dose of caffeine and I ama panic attack waiting to happen!! I'm hoping I don't pass that one on!


Aww, poor kid.
Poor you.
My spouse passes out from low blood sugar.You can really get a good knock on the head if your don't catch yourself as I'm sure you know. Hopefully, there will always be someone to catch your little girl if the bees come again.


thank goodness you were able to catch her before she hit the sink! i sure hope that it doesn't happen again.i had a friend who has the same thing as well. she fell down, grazed her knee and saw blood and she fainted. her friends brought her to her room and laid her down. she woke up, saw the blood on her knee and fainted again. lol. she was ok the second time she woke up, luckily.


well lucky her, she gets both bees AND anxiety. she's the only 10 year old i know who regularly needs prilosec. she's so empathetic, I think she'd make a good doctor, but she's decided she would rather be an actress.


Hopefully, there will always be someone to catch your little girl if the bees come again

From your mouth to god's ears. Until she does, I'm pretty sure that's my job.


I've learned to look away from my blood and I think i'm going to have to teach my girl to do the same thing. I hope your friend has outgrown her squeamishness.


I'm so glad that it wasn't any worse. I've never heard fainting described in such a way. It made me feel like I was there with you both. Doesn't sound like a fun experience. Ugh - hopefully this won't be the norm for her!


"The bees come for her too"...what a poetic way to describe it.

Lily O Muircheartaigh

this story is so beautiful. did you tell her that you call the buzzing sound "the bees", or will you let her make up her own term for it?


hopefully this won't be the norm for her
We will have to see. She got a bloody nose at school yesterday and she told me that that she had to put her head between her knees....


thank you.
it's not poetry when you fall on your face, though.


funny you should ask.
i purposely did not tell her about "the bees"
she's ten and she's afraid of bees,
and now she's afraid of fainting
so i think i'll leave well-enough alone.
i might tell her when she gets older and we need something to bond over.


it's not poetry when you fall on your face, thoughthe arc of some of my most famous pratfalls could make your heart ache. ply me with beer and I may tell you of them.


I like the way you share a story with humor and grace. I've only fainted once, but that was due to being ill, but was always squeemish to the sight of blood (cleaning fish especially) I'd start that dry heaving puky thing that many folks do when something disagrees with them. So I understand. Hopefully it doesn't last an entire life, but if it does, at least there's laughter. My mother to this day makes fun of my crying while vomiting and it's actually very funny to hear her do it. Do they make a "Bees-B-Gone"? by chance?

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