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Wow! What an amazing experience. Memories to treasure for ever. Lucky you, to have such a birthday. Glad you enjoyed your sybaritic luxury! Thank heaven for soundproof rooms!


Wow. What a wonderful experience. Now I desperately want to visit Chile.


[this is good] Sounds like an amazing trip!


[esto es genial] Glad you had a great time! :) I looked at the photos on flickr and I can say that you've been to really beautiful places on your trip!


[ci buono] Thank you for allowingme to visit Chile vicariously through your post and your Flickr - now I want to go even more than before!! It is SO beautiful there! And it sounds like you were spoiled and pamperedjust like you deserve. I love the way you write - felt like I was really there with you.

Red Pen

Thanks for sharing your account of what sounds like a truly wonderful trip.


[this is good] Wow ... thanks for taking the time to fill in some of the narrative. Loved it. Will start putting pennies (ok, maybe quarters or dollars) in a jar so I can go in style someday too ... :-) ... Hope your "real" life has settled down a bit.


Wow...that's about all I can say! Oh and I turned to my husband while reading this and said "when do we get to go to Chile????"


Ah Book, you would be the one to key in on the idea of soundproof. ;-)


You should. You and Matt would love Chile.


Thanks so much for your kinds words. I was hoping mind would come out that way. I wanted you all to get a sense of it, without boring you to tears with a travelogue...


real life is real life, which means mostly good and often turbulent.
it's good to be home, but i do miss the pampering.


Well. See. It's like this. Husband did a week's live-aboard in the Red Sea last October. Lap of luxury - plasma TV, hot tub, big beds, two lounges, help on and off with diving gear - but when they moved the boat, at night, the engines kept people awake. So when I saw Soundproof I thought Ahhhh. Some thought went into that!


Wow, sounds like a blast! Daily helicopters rides would've sold me, let alone spending all day in the wilderness. Thanks for sharing the photos - amazing!

Dan Culhane

[this is good] I can't wait to wade through 400 pictures! Wow! What a trip!

electric firefly

[esto es genial] So, so glad you went. It sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Happy belated birthday!


[this is good] yuuummmmmmm. gorgeous and gracefully told (as ever). snap of your adorable smile and beeg birthday feesh is best of all. so very happy you got to go. xoxoxo.

The K Spot

How wonderful!
Thanks for writing about your trip. I never thought about Chile as a tourist destination. Thanks for expanding my world.


An amazing adventure for an amazing person!


[this is good] Very, very cool.Hope things have settled down.Oh, and Happy (belated) Birthday!


Sounds like a great trip.

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