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Whoops! Hope you're up to date on the tetanus booster. And I hope the pasta was tasty. :-)


yep, i thought about that too. they're good for 10 years and i get them on the '0s. That means I'm good until 2010. (Whew)


and yes, the pasta, once decontaminated, was delicious. ;-)(just kidding, I only spoiled a piece or two)


Mmm. Vampire pasta.Tea tree oil is a nifty "natural" antiseptic. Also, I find colloidal bandages stick better than ordinary ones on awkward places like fingers, and skin seems to heal better underneath. (We have a brand called Compede here - best known for blister patches, but they do "band-aids" as well - and other manufacturers do similar things. They look like skin rather than plastic.)


awe - sorry you gots a booboo

Ninja Chick

Oh, owie! Sorry you had to be in an episode of When Pasta Attacks. It's awfully sneaky, pasta. Hired ol Rusty McScissors to slap a burn notice on you (in this case a cut notice). Hope it heals right nicely...and happy that the pasta, despite wicked wounding was delicious. ;)


[this is ouchie] You're in good company! Mario Batali did something similar during his first on-air show of Molto Mario. :-D

(On a more serious note, that looks really painful!! Yeouch!!)


I guess you could just rinse blood off of pasta.

My new food processor kept trying to kill me when I was first learning to put the blade on; I forget what I was slicing that had to be, er, sanitized. And just when I had the knack of it, I was wiping the countertop it sits on, and ran my hand into the blade I'd left sitting next to it.


Yeah... sharp objects and liquor don't always go well together. About 4 months ago I was cutting a french bread while polishing off my third glass of wine that day and I gashed open one of my fingers. Nostitches, Renee just poured a bunch of super glue into the wound and taped it up.It's only fully healed in the last month. They make for nice scars though.


I have a feeling this one will leave a little scar too. i love super glue, i use it on all my injuries. unfortunately this time i had no skin to glue back on...

Grumpy Geek

What you need is a nice bacon bandage.


OWee, karen! that looks like it could use a stitch. and i'm not sure about the tetanus shot, either ... i think in the case of rusty weapons they like you to get a booster. BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE SCISSORS! YOU'LL PUT SOMEONE'S EYE OUT!! (or cut someone's finger really bad)
take care ... love ... your mother.


Ouch. And in such the place that it never gets bumped or irritated by anything!

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