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I love howSpot says "OK." I'm simultaneously reassured and terrified by that, like what if you lose the OK icon? I'd freak.
But as long as it makes you feel better that's all that matters--and that Xav enjoys the wild creatures eating the other wild creatures.


[this is good] That Is So Freakin Awesome. I'm Jealous!


way cool! hooray for technologies that keep us more in touch. :)(love the bit about the army, funny girl)

Steve Betz

[this is good] Well -- that is about the coolest thing I've seen in quite sometime. Great that it can update you from half-a-world away and that you can track progress. How very neat.

electric firefly

Wow. Jaguars would be an amazing thing to see (not that caymans, tapirs, and a ray being eaten by boiling piranhas are not amazing). It is so astonishing to me that there is technology that can track someone in the Amazon and display it for loved ones back home. (Admittedly, the black-helicopter-conspiracy- theorist in me is a little horrified ;)


shhhh, that's a different button.

Papi Chulo

I would probably give a testicle to watch apiranhaattack... so long as said testicle was not still attached to me during said attack.


No testicle required.
I can give you Xav's number for next time... ;-)


So cool.


Very cool. It's a good thing that those giant reptiles don't have internet access!

Something Else

[ ] Wow.


You probably shouldn't have told me about this "spot" thing. I'm tempted to want to use it during someone's adventures in the deep dark jungles of Germany. You know, just to stay in touch and all.

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