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Papi Chulo

You know, it's not normal for a wife's list of complaints about her husband to include, "keeps trying to land crocodiles on the boat". I'm just sayin'.


awesome post... in fact ALL of your posts of late have been awesome!


Oh my word! Maybe your hubby can be the next Survivorman....? :-)


don't forget "and buys blow darts for the kids" the lawyer will love that one.


aw thanks, honey. so glad i'm able to amuse someone other than myself...


He would absolutely love that. This is one of his favorite shows of course, but he always makes fun of the guy because he's always starving. Xav, at least, would be able to feed us. Did I ever tell you about the time we were camping and he made a rack of lamb over the campfire? It was yummy - and hysterical too since the people at the next campsite were literally eating beans from a can.
Not that there is anything wrong with beans from a can...;-)


When I first started camping with my ex he did all the cooking on his little camp-lite stove and a tiny pan. His idea of a hearty meal was to boil water in the tiny pan, add minute rice - wait 5 min - then dump in a can of tuna. I think he even left the oil in so it would be heartier. I took over the camp cooking after that.Though I have to say - after a long day of hiking - that tuna and rice was delicious. And the thought of it makes me want to go camping again.

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