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I am so sorry you had to deal with the lice fun. They are such a pain in the back side to deal, even when you have done everything to keep from having them visit.


Did you find out how these get spread, and ways to prevent contracting them again. I am glad that your girls were not at an age where they would throw tantrums going though the treatment process.


[this is good] Hopefully some family or health magazine stumbles upon this and reprints it in full - this story is so well written! It was a fun read despite the topic. It had the tone of a family weekend carving pumpkins or something. :)I'm sorry you and the girls had to go through this but it sounds like something that will result in a few smiles when reminiscing in the future. I also didn't realize that lice was still prevalent in schools. When I was in elementary school I remember we had to get checked frequently, but that stopped in middle and high school.

Kapolnek Family

Oh my God, I itch ALL OVER!! Yuck!! If it makes you feel better, my girlfriend had a pin worm scare at her kids school, and the way you check for them is that you go intoyour kids room with a flashlight when the child is sleeping, open up their butt cheeks and stare at their anus to see if any worms wiggle out. Parenting can be such a joy sometimes!! Sorry you and the girls had to go through this.Hopefully Xav is lice-freein Argentina. Sounds like a huge pain.


[this is good] Oy.... after all that I feel I need a drink.The Force... well, you know...


Gosh, that is just sucky. I'm sorry the you and the girls had to go through this. Seriously, there seems to a be lice epidemic among upper-middle class Chicago and suburban students. There was an article in the paper about a month ago about the rise of lice picking salons in fancy neighborhoods because the lice have become resistant to all the harsh drugs that tend to be prescribed to get rid of the wee ones. I hope the "mice stay away from here on out.


Ugh, that makes ME itch, but at least you've got the problem licked. Poor girls and poor you!


thanks. it certainly was an eye opening experience and it just proves the idea that no matter how much you try to do the right thing, stuff happens anyway.


the only way to keep this from happening again is to keep the children from contact with other children, or else wrap them in saran wrap. both are ill-advised for obvious reasons.
the only good news is thatit seems to happen less to older kids, and eventually juju will grow out of it.


Thanks! If only we were carving pumpkins, that would have been a much more manageable mess! the problem seems to be huge around here, the doctor said she'd seen three kids just in the previous few days (and most people don't go to the doctor since the remedies are over the counter).
they stopped checking you in school, i think, because the problem is much worse in the lower grades when the kids share everything and are all over each other. Juju still takes naps, which means blankets and pillows that are on mats near other kids...


A flashlight to see their butts while they're sleeping?
That is totally gross.
Thank you for putting my problem back into the bigger context.


Pass the bottle, bro. I need one too.


Nice. Drug resistant lice.
What the hell is this world coming to?


Just thinking about it, replying to these comments, makes me itch too.
Time for another shower, I think.


Don't be shy - I taught 5 year olds and had two kids of my own and I can't tell you how many times i had to go through the treatment!


I'll even wipe the top off on my sleeve.


and I thought fleas were a hassle. rah rah for the valiant mom karen! tho she may not feel it, I hear it. happy less-itchy girls.


What an ordeal. Makes me want to go wash my hair and clean my house from top to bottom - and I don't even have kids.

Georgia Lynn

Great, I'm guessing from the one step process my mother used on me in 1980, the chemical must've been highly toxic.This is a strange one to favorite, but I had to 'cause with 3 kiddies, the eldest 8, I'm not sure how we've gotten off so easily without having to deal with this! So I'll file it away as a possible reference.According to the PBS series "Arthur", episode "Lous-y Week", the only one who doesn't get lice is Buster, because he's filthy.


Wow, what a long day...!Hope Juju doesn't feel anything bad when she gets back to school!


[this is good] I had lice as a child, it sucks! After reading this my head now itches. Hah!


Eeew, itchy itchy! My school too had a lice epidemic back when I was in first grade. I wish my mom had known about the Cetaphil cure. Back then, the "nontoxic" solution was to douse the hair and scalp with vinegar. I have vivid memories of being bent over the kitchen sink gagging on vinegar fumes as my mom poured the nasty stuff over my head.Now I must go lather, rinse and repeat until I don't feel itchy anymore.


Just thinking about it makes me want to itch, I imagine the experience was not fun in the least bit. And your poor husband, not a good way to start a trip I'm sure. I hope things are better and a lot less itchy!P.S. I'm glad to see you back at blogging, I greatly enjoy reading your blog and all the good stories you have to tell!

Nancy Mitchell

Oh you poor thing....and your poor girls.
I'm glad that you got all of those nasty little buggers.


Oh, man, my head is itching just reading your account! So sorry you had to go through that!!

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