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[this is good] Ooh. That looks good.


[this is good] mmmmmmmmm.....yummy!!! :)
We are spoiled in our new place as we have about 5 japanese restaurants within about a 3 block radius...with the best one across the street.


[this is good] Can I come live with you? The basement would be fine...

Steve Betz

[this is good] Fantastic presentation. Looks wonderful. My mom would have said something like, "That's too pretty to eat." I would never say that -- well, I might, but then I'd just eat it.

Kapolnek Family

This is just so unfair! I'm probably in for another meal at "mid-west crap chain" tonight.
Next time can you blur the image just a bit? I can almost taste that hamachi right now and it's making me very very hungry and sad. yum yum yum.


you could always come home. then you could have all the sushi you ever wanted...


See, I tried to like sushi but I can't For some reason it just does work on my palette. It does look tasty in a weird kind of way, though.- Mike


Sorry - apparently the one Red Stripe I drank is affecting the quality of my typing. Maybe its just lack of sleep. Anyway, I meant that it DOESN'T work on my palette.- Mike

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