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Sooo? How's they come out?
They sell them at our localMeijer and the novelty factor alone makes them tempting.


I bought them for the novelty - and the promise of convenience. The batter is a smidge sweet for my taste, but the girls give it two big thumbs up (so does my husband).
Now we can have pancakes on school days!


Wow! It's even organic.


[this is good] Cool!


I know! When Xav pointed that out on the can I didn't really believe him.

Steve Betz

[this is good] All I could think of was: "This is your brain. This is your brain on vox. Any questions?"

Karen Lynn

i live in the wrong state dangit!


Very cool! You can do this with regular pancake mix, too, but it's probably not as easy. I used to make all sorts of shapes as a kid.


Karen: Like you, I found Batter Blaster a little too buttery and a little too sweet, but that just means adding less syrup and butter out of the pan (well, in theory). But they are rather convenient and create less of a mess than home- or semi-home made batter!Havybreaks: I am imagining a large syringe could do the trick... think "caulk gun" (with delicious batter instead of silicone sealant, of course!). Of course, I don't have one and try to make shapes using the "careful pour" method. I have found out two things: 1) batter can get places in your kitchen that you weren't even aware existed, and 2) I'm no pancake artist!


Reminds me of the first time I saw cheese in a can .... and thought "only in America"! :-)

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