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Yikes! Scary! Bad Bruno!


Poor little fish.


[this is good] I think you captured a brilliant moment here.

Kevin G.

Go Bruno! Rule them all!

Ninja Chick

[this is good] This could be a horror movie offshoot for Finding Nemo.Clown Fish 1: Where's Nemo? Clown Fish 2: (swimming slowly back from Clown Fish 1, mouth agape, eyes wide)Clown Fish 1: Well? What's a matter Carp got yer...*insert creepy music as Clown Fish 1 is swallowed by Bruno*Clown Fish 2 swims off screaming...but flounders over an invisible current and meets the same fate. However, before being swallowed he stutters, "Nemo's in ..."*Gulp! Camera pans out on Bruno's enormous head*
Finding Nemo II: Bruno's Revenge
With his older brother Bruce having sworn off eating fish, Bruno's out to settle the score because, "Fish are food...never a friend!"Swimming into a theater near you!*CHOMP!*

Kapolnek Family

I read this post yesterday and had a bad dream about Bruno last night. I do not like Bruno. He is scary.


hehehehehe. survival of the gobbliest! apparently, I too shall survive. num num num...


oh that's a creep cool photo.

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