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[this is good] This post fucking rules. Lilia and I were at Whole Foods yesterday, and you could not have hit the nail more square on the head if you tried! Happy Anniversary, and Happy New Year!


[this is good] Great post! I live in a town with only one grocery store chain so I'm still trying to get past the odd looks when I hand them my reusable grocery bags. When I get my cart in the checkout line I feel like I have to get defensive. When I finally get someone who doesn't look at me like I've just asked them to solve world hunger and I make it out of there without launching into a bagging tutorial, I feel like celebrating. Happy New Year!


I get this at Whole Foods too from time to time. I can't decide if the scrutiny is as bad as the carelessly slamming things in the bag that often happens at Trader Joe's though. I have said something about that too once in a while...hey be careful there, eggs break and I don't like my $5 worth of cracker flat breads broken into a zillion crumb pieces!"


Happy Anniversary!


[this is good] Happy Anniversary!
Sing Boys....


I bring canvas bags to the local grocery store and get the most contemptuous looks from the cashiers when I do so. I don't understand why they care. Does the cellophane bag company give them a commission? Happy Anniversary!!


[this is good] Happy Anniversary!!!
Twenty-two years married isquite astonishing!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary!


[this is good] I'm not entirely sure I could love you any more than I do at this moment. You snark so beautifully. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.


Your experience reminds of every trip to a record store where the clerk always makes a face at what you're buying. Anyway, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!


thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes! we had a lovely day, capped off with a lovely dinner party which we were able to enjoy.
the thing about whole foods that gets on my nerves is that the food is really really expensive for such offensive service. we go there because we appreciate the quality of the food, but i wish they would take a lesson from other quality brands: when people pay more for something, treat them better for it. If you bought a 12-speed rotating vibrator from nieman marcus the salespersonwould almost certainly wrap it up with a smile and ask you if you need some lube with that. ok, i don't think theysell vibrators at neiman, at least not in the departments i've visited, but you get the idea. ;-)
groceries are personal. the people who sell them should be more discreet.

secret heart

Happy anniversary my dear Karen!


right back atcha, sister. i knew that if there was one person who wouldn't misjudge this post, it would be you. xo

Lisa Pepin

[this is good] Don't know if you read the post about our recent trip to Aruba, butthe vacationfeatured near-constant quoting of fave film The Big Lebowski. Once the five of us returned back to real life, we found it difficult to stop spouting lines from the film and dropping f-bombs everywhere.
When Daryl went to Whole Foods the day after the trip and the cashier tried to force plastic bags on him, it slipped out: "Whydoes everything have to besuch a fucking travesty with you, man?!"


Why does everything have to be such a fucking travesty with you, man?!
Love this.


Oh goodness me - that is a fabulous quote. Need to use that right away.

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