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I've always loved Walking in Memphis -it's such an evocative song with those lonely vocals and soulful lyrics. nice post.


I used to think the Supremes' "Stop! In the Name of Love" was "Shop! iIn the Neighborhood". Then there's the whole "Scuse me, while I kiss this guy" thing.


[this is good] "There's a bathroom on the right."


I love his voice and he plays great piano.


Mark Clamhead: I didn't know this (but you surely did): this phenomenon has a name (mondegreen) and a wikipedia entry.


[this is good]

lol! :) That was good! I love that song, too! Its always funny when lyrics are misinterpreted!


How does one elucidate the meaning of "Walking in Breakfast"? Certain meals make you happy?


The look on her face communicated "this is gross"


that is my favorite song!I sing along with it tooooooo!


[this is good] Great story! I can understand how your kids got that:"I was walking in breakfast, with my feet ten feet in the cereal"Until reading this post I never knew what came after "ten feet". Amanda loves to tease my lack of lyrics comprehension like when I sang along to that INXS song "Soup and Salad Bar". Oh wait, that's "Suicide Blond".


I knew I liked you.


I love the song Suicide Blonde as well, but the lyrics make absolutely no sense to me. I think Soup and Salad Bar are just as logical as "Suicide blonde was the colour of her hair. Like a cheap distraction for a new affair."


I hope it was oatmeal.


From "Lady Mondegreen/on the green", right? Or something like that, my mom has a book of misheard lyrics


I ~love~ that song. I have some very vivid memories of it playing on the radio when I worked in the city, way back when I had a life.Kids are so awesome to have around, just for the weirdness of the things they say. What's better is that they don't get embarrassed about it, they just laugh their heads off.Cool :)

Ninja Chick

[this is good] Oh Cassandre...Oh lyrics...Oh my...At least you singeth the lyrics right aloud. I'm the girl who makes an ass out of herself and sings at full volume the wrong lyrics and am corrected by others after much laughter, guffawing, and giggles.And...thanks for cueing me in...I always wondered what came after 'Walking in Memphis' - I thought it had something to do with the BLM. *crosses eyes*Hope your turkey day rocked your socks.


10 points go to Annabelle, aka miss smarty pants, for knowing in her teens what it took me until my 40s to learn. ;-)


I laugh more with these kids than with any other people on earth. They light up my world, even when they are reminding me of what a dolt I can be. :)


Oh girl. You should know better by now. I sing the wrong lyrics All The Time.


[this is good] "I can see clearly now the rain has gone."
"I can see all the icicles in my way"
Well, it kinda fits....


What's the Chili Peppers thing..... "With Birds of Shed, It's a Lonely View". What is THAT? He says it at least 50 times in the song, and can't make it clear even once? Think the song is called Scar Tissue.


Yes, it's Scar Tissue. And the line is "with the birds I'll share this lonely view"

Amy W

I haven't heard that song forever! Reading this made me get on itunes ASAP and download. It's funny how some songs just put a smile on your face for different reasons. And your child's response...priceless. Gotta love kids!

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